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Use this guide to learn more about researching women's history.

Research Methods - Books to Consider

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  • Keeping Track of Your Research: Citation Management with Mendeley and Zotero

  • Footnotes, Citations, and Bibliographies: How to Cite and Avoid Plagiarism​

  • Digital Self-Defense: Critical skills for navigating information online

Getting Started: Research in Women's History

Just getting started with your research in Women's History? Need help finding primary sources or archival materials? Not sure about how to cite what, when, and how? Take a look through our guide to learn more about:

You can also visit these related guides for more research help:

Topic Design Steps

1. Review Assignment: What's the assignment? What are the expectations for your work? Are there any specific parameters that you need to be aware of?

2. Brainstorm: Pick a topic that interests you! Do you have a strong opinion on something? Do you have a personal issue, problem, or pastime that you would like to know more about?

Librarian Tip: The research and writing will go by more quickly if you care about the topic you are researching!

3. Find Background Information: Reading an overview of a topic will allow you to better understand the landscape of what you are researching. This in turn will allow you to narrow in on a specific concept that piques your interest.

Librarian Tip: This process also allows you to find common vocabulary used in the field, which offers you keywords for your resource searching. Make a list of these keywords as you are going.

4. Focus Your Topic: Make sure to keep your work manageable by honing in on a specific thesis statement or question.

Librarian Tip: Remember to stay flexible while picking a thesis statement, if a topic is too broad or too narrow it will be hard to research. So keep in mind - picking your topic is research!

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