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History: Keeping Track of & Citing Sources

What is Plagiarism?

  • failure to properly cite sources
  • submitting under a student’s own name work that is not entirely theirs
  • falsification of information, data, or attributions
  • submitting the same work for more than one class, within the same or different semesters, without the express permission of all faculty involved


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Keeping Track of Research

When conducting research it is always important to keep track of the searches you are performing and the sources you have found. In addition to this you will want to cite your sources in your work.

Learn how to track your searches

Some databases allow you to view and save your search histories, here is an example from MLA International Bibliography. 

After running your searches click on the "Recent Searches" button.

That will lead you to a list of all your searches where you can combine them and also click on "Export all searches" to export the list as a PDF.