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Digital Humanities: Humanities Data

An introduction to Digital Humanities tools, methods, and resources.

Humanities Data

The sources listed here are a starting point, but not an exhaustive list of humanities data. If you need help finding humanities data for DH projects, or have questions about humanities data, please reach out the the Digital Humanities Librarian

Some other places to look for lists of humanities data:

*If you build your own dataset consider uploading it to Humanities Commons so others can find and reuse your data!

What is Humanities Data?

Some readings to start your thinking about data in the humanities:

Cite your data!

The creation of datasets is considered scholarly work and just as you would cite an article, you should always cite the data you use. For more information on why citing data is important and how to do it please read Cite Your Data from DataCite.


Here are a few sources of online texts you can use for text analysis:


Here are a few sources for maps and geospatial data (GIS):


This is just a selection of sources for images, although many individual museums make their collections available on their website or via an API*:

*APIs can require basic coding skills to access the information you are after. Please do not hesitate to reach out to the Digital Humanities Librarian if this is something you would like some support with. 



3D Files

Many museums and cultural heritage organizations have published 3D models of their collections. Below is a list of some of them.