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Learn about Sarah Lawrence's online institutional repository, Digital Commons.

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Browse or search Digital Commons at Sarah Lawrence College!

Why contribute?

By contributing to Digital Commons, you can receive the following benefits:

For Faculty:

  • Fulfill grant requirements for data sharing such as grants through the National Science Foundation.
  • Receive a stable URL that can easily be shared on your C.V.
  • Your work becomes very easy to find in Google and Google Scholar.
  • Share your work with the world and prospective faculty and students.
  • Increase the visibility of your research.

For Students:

  • Make your work available outside of academia and open to potential employers.
  • Receive a stable URL that can easily be shared on your C.V. or resume.
  • Your work becomes very easy to find in Google and Google Scholar.
  • Share your work with prospective students who may be interested in your graduate program or attending the undergraduate program.

Can I post my pre-print or post-print?

Check SHERPA/RoMEO to see if you are allowed to include pre-prints and post-prints of articles after submission. SHERPA/RoMEO lists publisher policies.

Check Wikipedia's List of Academic Journals by Preprint Policy if:

  • You want to post a draft or description of your research in a "pre-print server," such as Digital Commons @ Sarah Lawrence before you submit an article.
  • You want to know if the publisher consider it prior publication?

This Wikipedia page summarizes the policies of some publishers and journals. Check the journal website to confirm the current policy.

See also Harrison W. Inefuku's "Pre-Print, Post-Print or Offprint? A guide to publication versions, permissions and the digital repository."

Author statistics

As a contributor to Digital Commons, you have access to readership statistics for your published items. In order to access these reports, you must create an account in Digital Commons. To create an account, go to Digital Commons and click on My Account --> Create a new account. You must use the same email address your works are connected to.

You will be able to see:

  • How many downloads your item has (if it is open access or SLC-only).
  • Institutions people are affiliated with who looked at your item.
  • What countries people are looking at your content from.
  • Much more

For detailed information, see the instructions from bepress, the creator of Digital Commons.

Readership Map

Digital Commons @ Sarah Lawrence College

Digital Commons is an Institutional Repository platform that enables institutions to manage, display, and publish scholarship online. At Sarah Lawrence our Institutional Repository houses collections from the College's faculty, students, and staff.

Who can contribute? Current faculty, students, and staff. If you are interested in submitting your work, please contact Abby Lester.


Sarah Lawrence College Faculty may contribute unpublished conference presentations, research, or creative works. They may also want to contribute select pre- and post-prints of articles.

Graduate Students

As of May 2015, a majority of master's theses and capstones are published in Digital Commons @ Sarah Lawrence. For more information, visit the "For Graduate Students" page.

Undergraduate Students

As of 2019, all senior thesis projects are submitted to Digital Commons with approval of faculty advisors. Any other undergraduate student work must be recommended for Digital Commons by a faculty member OR originate from an official student publication. For more information, visit the "For Undergraduate Students" page.

What can I submit?

  • Master's theses and capstone projects.
  • Conference presentations and unpublished articles are accepted for the faculty as well as published articles as allowed by the publisher.
  • College publications, such as the Health Advocacy Bulletin.
  • Undergraduate Senior Theses.
  • Undergraduate student work that is recommended and approved by a faculty member.


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