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Digital Commons: Undergraduate Student Work

Learn about Sarah Lawrence's online institutional repository, Digital Commons.

Undergraduate Scholarly and Creative Work

Note: If you are looking for information on submitting a senior thesis, please see the tab above labeled "Senior Thesis".

The Sarah Lawrence College Library is excited to offer an opportunity to share undergraduate conference work in the College's online institutional repository, Digital Commons. Please see the criteria and guidelines for submission of undergraduate conference work on this page.

Contact Abby Lester with any questions.

Criteria for Submission

Criteria for Submissions: Submissions must...

  • be selected and submitted by a faculty member
  • be student scholarly or creative work from the 2019/2020 academic year
  • not infringe on existing copyright
  • be of the quality appropriate for online distribution and access

Guidelines for Submission

Submission Process: The student work...

must be submitted by a faculty member to with the following:

  1. Fully completed Undergraduate Copyright and Distribution Agreement Form signed by both the faculty member and the student
  2. PDF of the work using the filename structure: authorlastname_authorfirstname_yearwritten.pdf
  3. Abstract to be used for metadata in Digital Commons

Additional Guidelines and What to Know

  • If a work has multiple creators, it must be accompanied by a permission form for each creator. All access options must be the same between the multiple creators or the most restrictive access will be chosen for Digital Commons.
  • There will be at least 2 weeks wait time for getting the work uploaded and available on Digital Commons.
  • No work will be included that does not get permission for inclusion of someone else’s words or likeness. For instance, if the work includes an interview, there must be accompanying documentation that all parties in the interview have given permission for this to be included in an online institutional repository. You may contact Abby Lester ( for additional information on this.
  • Not all undergraduate student work is suitable for inclusion in Digital Commons.
  • It is generally recommended that undergraduate student work be limited to the SLC community only and not available open access to the world. However, there may be works that are suitable for public access. This is up to both the faculty member and the student creator to determine.
  • Works that are for the campus only can be opened to the general public at a later date.